Want a ZTE Flagship with Stock Android? Vote for it in ZTE’s Project CSX

Want a ZTE Flagship with Stock Android? Vote for it in ZTE’s Project CSX

We’ve talked about ZTE’s Project CSX before. For a recap, ZTE is crowd-sourcing ideas on what its next smartphone should be. The ideas will be collected from the public, and after voting, the most popular of these goes on the road towards becoming a reality.

Now we’ve come to the point where the ideas have been submitted and the first few rounds of shortlisting have taken place. Here are the final 5 contenders on what ZTE should work next:

  1. Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive Phone: A true hands-free experience that allows you to scroll up or down based on eye movement and a self-adhesive back that would allow the phone to stick to a wall or flat surface.
  2. Intelligent Smartphone Covers: Expend the power of a smartphone through functional cases such as a gamepad, stylus or e-ink flip cover.
  3. Powerglove: An exo-glove that controls your fingers for use in learning or rehabilitation settings, all powered by your Android smartphone.
  4. Stock Android Flagship Phone: The next generation of Axon to include stock Android as well as improvement in performance and camera.
  5. VR-Interactive Diving Mask: A waterproof VR mask allows you to swim in a pool or lake and feel like you’re in the open ocean.

While all ideas do seem innovative in their own right, the one that piqued our interest (and we guess it would pique yours too, since you are reading this on XDA-Developers) was the 4th idea. Of all the five, this seems the most feasible, one that would still be within the realms of smartphone conventionality so as to not feel like an experiment to the consumer, and yet appease to the people who want a high-performance, and hopefully affordable, flagship grade device that run stock Android without ZTE’s skin.

Voting for the ideas has begun, and will continue onto October 19. The idea that gets the most votes will be announced as the winner on October 20. The winner idea will hopefully made a reality in 2017.

If you would like to vote, head on over to the Project CSX website. You can also use the widget below to vote for your favorite choice.

Image Credit: Axon R Idea Thread

What are your thoughts on ZTE's Project CSX? Which idea should win in your opinion, and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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