Want Better Camera Apps for Your Android? Android Camera Evolved

Want Better Camera Apps for Your Android? Android Camera Evolved

We are all happy with the way our cameras work and feel… for the most part. However, if you have been with Android for a while and a member of this site, you are probably itching to get something “new”. If that is the case, XDA member adam2010 developed a brand new camera UI as well as a new 3D gallery for us to play with. This is some exciting work and the best part is that it will work for most devices out there, even though it is posted in the Galaxy S i9000 section. The dev has posted a video showing off the new UI, and the results look very good. The transitions and animations look pretty smooth as well as the whole feeling. So, if you have a different device other than the i9000, make sure that you take this combo for a spin and see how it looks.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

I like android Camera and Gallery3D apps, they have cool features but isn’t it time to have a better look rather than gray, outdated,funny buttons! Yes,indeed!

You can find more information in the mod thread.

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Thanks sirphunkee for the tip!

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