Want to Get the Most Out of Your Root? Root Toolbox for Android

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Root? Root Toolbox for Android

Rooting unlocks the most powerful features that are dormant on our Android devices. However, having access to all of these features is not always something convenient to do as under most circumstances we need to set our devices in Recovery mode (not that this is a hard thing to do, but it could be inconvenient if you have your hands tied up on something else). Well, in order to help and give us a one stop shop for most root features, XDA member lukemovement1 provides us with Root Toolbox. As its name accurately suggests, this application is packed with all the necessary and useful tools that one can find in a rooted device. For instance, the app will allow you to clear battery stats, caches, fix permissions, setAPN, and much more. Needless to say, your device will need to be rooted in order to use this program (thank you, captain obvious :p).


The dev is actually looking for some help from our members to complete the options for SIM Settings and SetAPN. These normally vary from carrier to carrier and from country to country. There are clear instructions on what he needs and how to obtain it in the thread. So, if you feel that you must have root tools at the touch of a button for your own enjoyment, please download this app and provide some feedback.

working Features:

  • Reboot options
  • SetAPN
  • Wipe Delvik
  • Wipe Battery Stats
  • Remount System
  • Flash Recovery
  • Fix permissions
  • Launch Hidden Menu
  • More Mount Settings
  • much more…

You can find more information in the application thread.

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