Want to Run Some of the Sense 6 Apps on Your Non-HTC Device?

Want to Run Some of the Sense 6 Apps on Your Non-HTC Device?

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Although it was briefly caught on camera a couple weeks earlier, HTC Sense 6 was officially unveiled to the world five days ago alongside the newly released HTC One M8 (2014). HTC’s Sixth Sense (sorry, had to) was then ported to various devices, including the HTC EVO 4G LTE, but not everyone wants to run an entirely new custom ROM just to get the benefit of a few OEM-specific apps.

When the M8 was launched, many were surprised to see that many of HTC’s first party applications such as BlinkFeed were also made available on the Play Store. No, this isn’t for you to enjoy HTC’s trademark UI on your Nexus 5 (although BlinkFeed will eventually make it to non-HTC devices). Rather, this is intended to allow HTC to update its core experience without interference from carriers, similar to how Google made Android version status a bit less important with Play Services. So how do we make use of these HTC apps in the Google Play Store? Port them to other devices, of course.

XDA Senior Member Ashutos1997 downloaded and mirrored the APKs for the HTC Sense 6 apps available on the Play Store. This includes HTC’s Service Pack, Sense TV, Zoe, Gallery, Blinkfeed Launcher, and Music. It also includes the required libs and framework files for Zoe and Gallery. Unfortunately, only the first three (HTC Service Pack, Sense TV, and Zoe) work directly without being ported, but it’s highly likely that the more desired components such as Blinkfeed Launcher will be ported to work with other devices.

If you’re up for the task and want to begin porting the Sense 6 apps to non-Sense devices, or if you simply want to install the apps that work without being ported, head over to the original thread and give this a shot.