Watch the Honor 8X Launch Event Live from Prague

Watch the Honor 8X Launch Event Live from Prague

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The Honor 8X is set to launch in Prague, Czech Republic today. The event will take place at 17:30 (GMT+2) and you can tune in to watch the livestream from home. If you’re getting a case of Déjà vu about the Honor 8X launch event, that’s because Honor tends to go on launch tours, having a separate event for each different country. You’ve already seen us report on the launch of the Honor 8X before from their China event, but Honor still has a lot of countries on their schedule.

This event will have a heavy focus on the new AI Camera coming to the X-series, the GPU Turbo which brings better performance for games like PUBG, the new design and color choices for the phone and the pricing and availability.

Watch the livestream here

We recently released a short hands-on video about the Honor 8X on XDA TV. Watch our video to see how they’ve updated the phone since the previous Honor 7X. You should also check out our forums for the Honor 8X to see what other users are talking about.

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