WatchOS 9 makes the Apple Watch an even more integral part of your health

WatchOS 9 makes the Apple Watch an even more integral part of your health

The Apple Watch is an essential part of some people’s lifestyles, and it’s totally understandable why. It has a ton of useful features for organizing workouts and encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and that’s a big deal for many people. It can also identify atrial fibrillation (AFib), a type of irregular heartbeat. Apple announced WatchOS 9 at this year’s WWDC, and it introduces sleep stage tracking and AFib history tracking to the Apple Watch.

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AFib history will provide you with more details of when your heart is in AFib. You can see if it happens more at certain times of the day, when you’re exercising, when you’re sleeping, and more. It can help people to manage their hearts and can potentially help prevent life-changing complications such as the risk of stroke.


“Users around the world love Apple Watch for helping them stay connected to those they love, be more active throughout the day, and better manage their health,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “This fall, watchOS 9 takes the Apple Watch experience to the next level with scientifically validated insights across fitness, sleep, and heart health, while providing users more creative ways to make their Apple Watch their own.”

As for sleep stage tracking, it’s something that the Apple Watch has lacked, even when competitors have had similar for years. It will show you details such as how long you’re in REM sleep so that you can see the quality of the sleep that you’re getting. It’s not really a uniquely Apple feature, but it’s one that most users will appreciate. There’s still no automatic sleep detection though.

Users will see sleep stage data on Apple Watch in the Sleep app and can view a lot of detailed information, such as time asleep. Not only that, they’ll get additional metrics too, like heart rate and respiratory rate, in sleep comparison charts in the Health app on iPhone.

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