Water Cooling Flagships Sees Dramatic Performance Improvements

Water Cooling Flagships Sees Dramatic Performance Improvements

Effective Albeit Impractical Fix for The Snapdragon 810

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Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips has tested the effects of water cooling on the performance and throttling of this years flagships and has discovered some spectacular results. Starting with the iPhone 6S and continuing with the Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9, ZTE Axon and finally the LG G4. In the video, Linus ran GeekBench continually for 10 minutes, making note of the results each time it completed, each test was then replicated with the device sealed inside a plastic bag and submerged in an ice bath. Check out the video below!


“Wow, the One M9 is still actually a little warm, even though it is in water that is definitely cold, that’s amazing!”


2015-10-14 (1) 

As the above results show, the HTC M9 shows significant improvements when considerably cooled, however still heats more than it should. The Axon shows a remarkable recovery shortly after throttling begins. The LG G4 shows exceptional all-round consistency in and out of the ice water. This is just another case showing that the 810 has held back a generation of phones. Since it is not practical to carry an ice bath with you everywhere you go many users have looked for a method to deal with excessive heat and the resultant CPU throttling. Recently schecter7 found a simple method to use a simple improvised heat sink to help, you can find his method here.

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