Wave and Wave II Get Functional OmniROM!

Wave and Wave II Get Functional OmniROM!

Running Android on a device that was never supposed to support the OS is quite a challenge. But even when you’ve got that part working, those last ten percent is often the most challenging. This has been exactly the case for the BadaDroid project, which aims to bring Android to Bada (a lesser known OS released by Samsung for their Wave series, for which development stopped in 2013 after it was replaced by its successor, Tizen). We’ve actually seen the project develop slowly over the last two years, and it’s always great to see it progressing further.

OmniROM is the latest member of the family of ROMs available for the Wave and Wave II, and it’s also the most usable to date, brought to you by XDA Recognized Developer volk204. In fact, it’s fully usable as a daily build without any major issues (the last major problem, which caused the device to overheat while charging, was fixed in the most recent build). The list of bugs is now rather short, and shouldn’t affect daily usage for most users:

  • Using 2G causes some problems (3G functions correctly, though, and you can force that easily).
  • Conference calls don’t work.
  • Audio codec settings are a bit flaky, but problems are rare enough.

Battery life is also a bit shorter than on Bada, but it should still last a full day with low to moderate usage. It’s worth noting that although the ROM is usable without major issues, it’s still considered an alpha project (interested developers are more than welcome to contact the BadaDroid team!), and the community has been great at providing support where possible. If you’d like to give it a try, head over to the OmniROM for Bada forum thread to get started!

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