Wavelet’s audio equalizer now works with even more apps on Android [Giveaway]

Wavelet’s audio equalizer now works with even more apps on Android [Giveaway]

If you’re looking to tweak the sound of your headphones while they’re connected to your Android device, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Wavelet app. It’s one of the few audio equalizer apps on Android that actually works without needing root access. With its plethora of options for both beginners and experts, anyone can make their music sound better (or at least more to their liking). It’s been a little over a year since Wavelet was first released, and its biggest update yet is now here. To celebrate the big update, the developer has given us some promo codes to giveaway!


Meet Wavelet’s new design and features

When we first covered Wavelet last year, we were impressed by how many parameters it let you tune. The amount of options can definitely seem overwhelming for beginners, but the integration with the AutoEQ database gave new users a good place to start. The first big update to the app introduced a couple of new features, but there was nothing groundbreaking in the update. Since then, there have been a couple of updates in the interim that added more headphones to the app’s built-in audio equalizer database. With the latest update, though, the Wavelet app has seen a number of major changes.

First of all, Wavelet has been entirely redesigned with smoother animations but more importantly a better layout, though long-time users of the app will still recognize all the options. There’s one really major enhancement that I’ve already found makes a huge difference, and that’s the enhanced session detection. A lot of music apps are designed so that their sound can be externally modified, but not every app supports it.

By setting up an ADB session (either directly from your PC, using a web ADB service, or locally using an app like LADB) and then granting the Wavelet app the DUMP permission (pm grant com.pittvandewitt.wavelet android.permission.DUMP), the app can detect and apply audio corrections to many more media player/streaming apps than it could before. An on/off toggle has also been added so that you can disable the Wavelet service whenever you want. The app also now remembers which music sessions have been started, which will be helpful in cases where the OS kills and restarts the app’s service.

Finally, the developer tells us that the app will soon be released on Huawei’s App Gallery too.

Wavelet’s features

If you aren’t familiar, the main features of the Wavelet app as mentioned in the developer’s accompanying XDA Forums thread are as follows:

  • You can use AutoEq to equalize your headphones to the Harman standard. The graph visualizes the compensation applied.
  • There’s a 9 band graphical equalizer you can use to fine-tune the result or set up when your headphones don’t appear to be available in the database.
  • The effects section offers effects such as bass boost, virtualization, and reverberation. There’s a bass tuner option too to give your beats that little extra thump, or reduce bass if you’re not a basshead.
  • At the bottom, you can find the gain controls. There’s a limiter allowing you to reduce dynamic range and a channel balance feature for when you find one channel playing too loud or if you just want to reduce the overall output volume.

Wavelet’s powerful audio equalizer tool is the driving force behind why people use the app in the first place. However, not all of the features listed above are available out of the box, and there are more that are locked behind a paywall, such as a bass tuner and reverberation effects. Some features will be device dependant, though the app will show you which premium features will work on your device before you pay for it. You can download the Wavelet app from the Google Play Store link embedded below.

For any questions or feedback, visit the XDA Forums thread where developer pittvandewitt is active.

Giveaway details

We’re big fans of the Wavelet app, and we know that many of you are, too. That’s why we’re sharing 99 promotional codes that unlock the full version of the Wavelet app (a $5.99 in-app purchase). As usual, we will be posting batches of 10 codes at a time in the comments section below every half-hour. The codes will be listed within an image file each time, so either type fast or use an app with OCR support (like Google Lens) to quickly select and copy a code!

To redeem a code, you can:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device, swipe open the sidebar menu, tap “Redeem” near the bottom, and enter the code.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device, tap on your profile picture, go to “Payments & subscriptions”, select “Redeem gift code”, and enter the code.
  • Open the Google Play Store on the web, click on “Redeem” on the left, and enter the code. According to user reports, the web interface may not accept promo codes. Be warned if you try this!

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