Waze and Spotify Announce Integration to Allow Seamless Music Playback While Navigating

Waze and Spotify Announce Integration to Allow Seamless Music Playback While Navigating

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Waze and Spotify have partnered up to announce an interesting new integration between the two services. Through a combination of the services, you can now seamlessly navigate and listen to Spotify at the same time.

Waze now gives you the ability to access your playlists and songs without switching applications as Spotify playlists are now accessible via a single tap. While Waze is running and the car is moving, though, this feature will not be available. One can only guess if the feature is designed to detect if you are walking/running/cycling compared to driving, or even override the block feature in Waze if you have a passenger in the car. It would be very inconvenient if tracks cannot be changed simply because you’re walking down the street.

In terms of changes to UX, Waze will feature a button you can tap on to open Spotify, and Spotify now display a permanent, styled notification box on top of the screen showing your next direction.

It would be interesting to see which other partnerships come to fruition in the future. Integrating other music players within Waze would be the obvious first step, as it would allow for greater choice to the consumers. Perhaps even Google Maps itself can receive this Spotify integration treatment, which can certainly be a possibility given that the company has already integrated another popular third-party service, Uber, into the application. Albeit, that integration is for ride-sharing services and not for music, so for now, the combination of Waze and Spotify is what consumers can enjoy.

Source: Waze Source: Spotify