Waze will no longer offer its carpooling service

Waze will no longer offer its carpooling service

Waze is shutting down its carpooling service after launching it in the United States back in 2018. Although the news might seem sudden, the pandemic is to blame, requiring the company to shift its strategy. The firm will begin winding down the service starting in September. The service was available in the U.S., Brazil, and Israel.

If you’ve never heard of the carpool service, it offered easy commutes with everyday people, unlike competitors like Uber, which required professional drivers for its carpooling service. A commuter would plan their carpool time, they would see who would be driving in the area, and ask for a ride. If accepted, the commuter would get a confirmation for pick up. The process was quite simple, allowing anyone to help out a fellow commuter.


Waze’s statement to The Verge:

“While Waze was predominantly a commuting app pre-COVID, today the proportion of errands and travel drives have surpassed commutes. This means we have an opportunity to find even more impactful ways to bring together a global community to share real-time insights and help each other outsmart traffic — this is what has always made Waze truly special.

Just to be clear, the Waze app for navigation will continue to be offered. The app offers directions powered by its users. While it collects traffic data like any other navigation app, Waze is different in that it offers users a more direct way to impact the commute. In real-time users can report traffic, accidents, speed traps, weather, and more. This information is then shared with the community, being highlighted on the map for all to see. The firm also analyzes the data to provide a more efficient and safe route for travel.

If you’ve never tried Waze, give it a go. The app has excellent integration with music services and it can even warn about traffic before the trip even begins.

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