Waze’s new “Snow Warning” allows users to report unplowed roads

Waze’s new “Snow Warning” allows users to report unplowed roads

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As beautiful as snow can be, it makes driving in the winter much more difficult (and dangerous). What makes it even more of a challenge is you don’t really know how bad the road conditions are until you get out there. The roads could be cleared and totally fine or still piled high with snow. Waze is rolling out a new feature to help with this called “Snow Warning.”

Waze has a number of warnings for things like speed traps, accidents, traffic slow-downs, hazards, and more. Google has also been slowly adding these features to Google Maps. Waze is still the leader in community-powered traffic alerts, and now Snow Warnings aim to help drivers in the winter months. Built in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Transportation, Snow Warnings gives users more weather-related options.

The Snow Warning feature allows users to report unplowed roads, icy roads, hail, and other weather conditions. The icy roads alert could potentially be life-saving as black ice is a major road hazard. Users can see these Snow Warnings in real-time as they are driving or they can check the live map to scope out the conditions ahead of time. The feature is available now in more than 185 countries on Android and iOS.

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