Waze now lists toll road prices in the US & Canada

Waze now lists toll road prices in the US & Canada

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Depending on your travel habits, toll roads can be something you deal with every day or an unfamiliar part of road trips. Around 40 states in the US have at least one toll road. Waze is known for providing valuable information to drivers and they’re rolling out a new feature that will be very useful when driving on these roads.

Google Maps and Waze can already tell you when a route includes toll roads. You can also choose to avoid them altogether. Waze’s new feature provides much more information by telling you how much it will cost to travel on the toll roads. This allows you to make a more informed decision about which roads you want to take.

The data comes from a tool built by Waze that allowed volunteers to manually input data from each toll road. The company uses this data to calculate how much routes will cost. Even if you’re planning a trip in the future, Waze factors in toll road pricing that changes depending on time or day. And as before, you can always choose to avoid tolls altogether with alternate routes.

Toll road pricing is rolling out to Waze users in the US and Canada starting today. Do you drive on toll roads a lot?

Source: VentureBeat