Waze now warns you about traffic and detours before you start driving

Waze now warns you about traffic and detours before you start driving

In September last year, the Waze app received a significant update that introduced several new features like lane guidance, trip suggestions, and traffic notifications. The traffic notifications feature alerted users of traffic issues on their current route, allowing them to look for an alternate route to avoid congestion. With its latest update, Waze is improving the feature to give you even more time to plan an alternate route.

In a recent blog post, Waze revealed that the app will now provide users with traffic alerts even before they start driving. The app will provide helpful information like alternative routes, traffic conditions, and real-time reports before you step foot in your car, giving you plenty of time to plan your journey accordingly.


The blog post states:

Starting today, before you set foot in their car, you’ll be greeted by Waze with a wealth of new intel — like alternative routes, traffic conditions and real time reports — to help make your best routing choice. Making it easier than ever to get the info you need, before you even leave the house.

Furthermore, the app will now also show why it suggests an alternate route in the trip preview. This will give users the option to decide if they wish to continue on the recommended route or take a different way.

The updated traffic notifications and the new trip preview experience have already started rolling out to Waze users globally. If you haven’t received the update on your device yet, you can download the latest version of the app from the Play Store link below. Do note that the features are rolling out in a phased manner, and it may be a while before they show up on your device.

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