Get the WD easystore 5TB external HDD for just $90 and back up everything

Get the WD easystore 5TB external HDD for just $90 and back up everything

It’s always a good idea to have your data backed up somewhere physically. Cloud services are wonderful, but if the service of your choice goes down or starts charging a subscription that you don’t want to pay, all of that data is gone. It’s no different than if your internal HDD or SSD was to burn out! With this Best Buy Black Friday Ad item, you can protect all of your data for just $90.

And I mean everything, too – this is the WD easystore 5TB external hard drive. 5 terabytes of space is a LOT of room for your files and data. My desktop only has about 600GB used up, and most of that consists of game downloads that I don’t necessarily need to save. For me, I can easily back up everything on my computer, laptop, and any other device I could think of, with plenty of room to spare.


But if you’re the type to collect lossless music or 4K movies digitally, though, you know that you can fill up space fast. The WD easystore 5TB hard drive is the perfect way to store those types of collections, giving you peace of mind with WD quality and freeing up a lot of space on your computer so you can do more than just store the latest Dolby Digital, 4K Marvel movie. You can save a bunch of them!

You might think 5TB of storage space is too much room, even. But, when an external HDD like this is on sale, there’s no reason not to get it. Right now, at Best Buy, the 4TB model is $95. Why pay $5 more for less space?

    Save big on a really big external hard drive! The WD easy store 5TB hard drive is just $90, and you can backup all of your files, from all of your devices. This much storage from a trusted company for less than $100? You really can't beat that price.

This deal is a part of Best Buy’s Black Friday Ad sale, which lasts until Sunday. But, they warn that these items can sell out, so don’t delay on picking this hard drive up – if you wait too long, you may be out of luck!

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