We Have 30 OnePlus 2 Invites, Here’s How to Get One!

We Have 30 OnePlus 2 Invites, Here’s How to Get One!

After some hurdles and delays, OnePlus is finally sending out invites this weekend in an aggressive attempt to make up for their lost time. The OnePlus 2 received mixed reviews all over the internet, but the overall consensus is that for the price, it is a very solid phone. And now that it’s truly launching, all eager fans can go ahead and purchase the device… if they have an invite.

That’s where we come in: we’ve gotten our hands on 30 OnePlus 2 invites, and we are giving them out to the community. This means that you will skip the queue and pre-registration obstacles that OnePlus put in place. You get an invite from us, you purchase the phone, you get it — without needing to beg around forums or jump the queue illegitimately. Considering that the reservation list is close to reaching 4,500,000 pre-registrations, you might want to consider this alternative we are offering. So what do you need to do?

Leave a comment below using your XDA account and you are in, quick and simple!

Winners will be picked at random and 30 lucky users will receive their invite on Tuesday, September 1. If you are considering a OnePlus 2, you might as well try to get an invite this way. If you get one and decide not to use it, please consider sharing it with XDA users. Ultimately, though, the invite will be yours to do whatever you want with it.


Nobody has time for that!

As a small reminder, the OnePlus 2 comes in two variants, the only differences being RAM and storage. The price for the 16GB (and 3GB of RAM) variant is US$329 while the 64GB (and 4GB of RAM) version is US$389. You can find more information about shipping here.

Simply leave a comment below and you are in. Remember, these will be picked at random, so good luck!

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