This new app can control Philips Hue lights from Wear OS watches

This new app can control Philips Hue lights from Wear OS watches

Philips Hue (which isn’t even owned by Philips anymore) was one of the first big names in the smart lights world, and even though that market is now packed with competitors, Hue lights are still a popular choice for anyone expanding their smart home setup. Now there’s a new app that allows you to control Hue lights from any Wear OS smartwatch, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

Austin Nelson’s new Wear Hue app (via Android Police) is available on the Google Play Store for the low price of $1.49, and as the name implies, it acts as a control for Hue lights on Wear OS. The app description reads, “Easily control your Philips Hue devices on your Android Wear (WearOS) enabled smartwatch. Pair with your bridge and view all of your devices completely on your watch – no companion app needed!”


The only catch is that your watch has to be on the same local network as your Hue bridge. With that caveat in mind, you can toggle any of your lights, set colors, and change brightness levels. I don’t have any Hue lights to test this app with, but initial Play Store reviews say it works as advertised.

Philips Hue doesn’t offer an official app for Wear OS, but the company’s iOS and Android applications just received an update that added new scene categories. Philips Hue also revealed a new gradient light strip and light tube near the end of last year, as well as Signe-branded table lamps that synchronize with Hue and Spotify integration that changes light colors to match whatever music you’re listening to (unless you decide to drop Spotify for another streaming service).

If you don’t want to use Wear Hue, you can also connect Hue to Google Home to control lights with Assistant voice commands. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic don’t have Assistant yet, but it works the same with the Bixby voice assistant and connecting Hue to Samsung SmartThings.

Wear Hue
Developer: refect
Price: $1.49

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