Possible Pixel Watch watchfaces revealed in Wear OS 3.0 emulator image

Possible Pixel Watch watchfaces revealed in Wear OS 3.0 emulator image

A Google-made smartwatch has been rumored for years, but over the past few weeks, more details about a supposed Pixel Watch have been making the rounds. The new watch might actually arrive next year, and now we might have just got our first look at the included watchfaces — thanks to an Android Studio emulator image that Google published.

Earlier this week, Google released an updated emulator image for Wear OS 3.0. Since Wear OS 3.0 is only available on two watches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, the emulator image is our only idea of what “stock” Wear OS 3 will look like when it arrives on other watches next year. 9to5Google reportedly found a video within the emulator image’s files, which shows a variety of unreleased watchfaces.

Wear OS watchface demo

Wear OS 3 emulator video (Credit: 9to5Google)

It’s unclear if the watchfaces will be included in the final build of Wear OS 3 for all watches, if they are only intended for certain watches, or if the video is simply a demo reel that may not be linked to actual watchfaces. However, two of the faces shown were also in the supposed Pixel Watch internal renders leaked by Front Page Tech/John Prosser earlier this month. It’s possible these might be intended for the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch circular design

Supposed Pixel Watch internal render, showing one of the watchfaces from the emulator image (Credit: FrontPageTech)

The watchfaces are a mix of analog and digital styles, with some having slots for complications (the minimal widgets on Wear OS), and rings for completing health goals. One of the watchfaces also has a Fitbit logo, while another depicts a landscape that changes color based on the time of day. Some watchfaces also have elements of Material You themes, which matches the rest of the system on Wear OS 3.

These could be the watchfaces used in the Pixel Watch, but there’s not enough information to go on right now to be completely sure. Hopefully, Google actually announces a Pixel Watch soon.

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