Wear OS app gets updated with a menu to manage Tiles

Wear OS app gets updated with a menu to manage Tiles

I think it’s fair to say that Wear OS has come a long way in the past 5 years. It was launched as Android Wear back in 2014. Since then, Google has been trying to perfect the platform by adding new features and gathering more partners. Just about a month ago, Wear OS gained a new feature called “Tiles.” Tiles are small widgets which display the most relevant information for quick access. By default, there are six Tiles: Goals, Next event, Forecast, Heart rate, Headlines, and Timer. You’ve had the ability to rearrange them since the release of the feature, but now you can manage them from your phone.

Reddit user chroniclesofcf posted a screenshot yesterday which shows the Tiles managing features in the Wear OS app. On the first screen, you have a menu of Tiles to choose from and add to your smartwatch. On the second screen, you can rearrange your Tiles by grabbing the handler and moving it up or down. On the third screen, where you usually choose your watch faces, you now have an ability to enable or disable Tiles. You can check the screenshots below for a more detailed look.

The users in the Reddit thread comment section claim that this is a server-side update, so we can’t really give you an estimated time of arrival or share an APK file. If you still haven’t received Tiles functionality, there is a method going around Reddit that seems to work. On your Wear OS device, go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > App info > System Apps > Wear OS > Force Stop > back out > Android System > Force Stop > Go to your watch face and wait. If you still can’t get them to show up, all you can do is wait.

Source: Reddit

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