Google’s Wear OS “H” update brings Smart App Resume and battery improvements

Google’s Wear OS “H” update brings Smart App Resume and battery improvements

Despite what some people think, Wear OS is not dead. Google continues to push out updates to the platform. We’ve seen a few updates over the past few months (as well as a big rebrand). The latest update is oddly named “H.” This is the first Wear OS update we’ve seen with this letter naming scheme. So what does it bring? Quite a lot actually.

Battery Saver Mode Updates:

This update extends your battery life even further by turning on Battery Saver to only display the time once your battery falls below 10%.

Improved Off Body Efficiency:

After 30 minutes of inactivity your watch will go into deep sleep mode to conserve battery.

Smart App Resume for all Apps:

You can now easily pick up where you left off across all apps on your watch.

Two Step Power Off:

You can now turn off your watch in two easy steps. To turn off your watch, simply hold the power button until you see the power off screen and then select ‘power off’ or ‘restart’

Power efficiency is a big focus in this update, which is good since we’re finally seeing some Snapgradon Wear 3100 watches. You’ll still be able to use the watch as a watch when under 10% battery and it won’t eat up juice when you’re not wearing it.

Wear OS apps don’t have the ability to retain their state when you leave them, like a phone app. Smart App Resume makes this possible, which should cut down on time spent tapping around your tiny display. Lastly, an easier method to power off the watch.

The “H” update will be delivered over-the-air, which means it could take a long time to reach all watches. We’re not sure why it’s called “H,” but maybe this is a new way to distinguish Wear OS updates from Android updates. Whatever the reason may be, this seems like a nice update.

Source: Reddit

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