Wearbttn Adds Two Complications to Android Wear 2.0 for the App Drawer and Google Assistant

Wearbttn Adds Two Complications to Android Wear 2.0 for the App Drawer and Google Assistant

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You’ve likely seen the trend of new Android Wear smartwatches having a physical button on the side of the watch. This wasn’t on many Android Wear devices before the big 2.0 update, but now it’s a vital piece of hardware for new watches. With the Android Wear 2.0 update, this button is used to both open the application drawer as well as launch Google Assistant. Before, these actions were done with swipes on the screen but that isn’t the case anymore.

This requirement of a physical button on new smartwatches that use Android Wear 2.0 won’t be a problem, but we’ve seen the new updated ported to older devices. For instance, the Lenok2Dory Wear 2.0 ROM was made for the original LG G Watch and can be found right in our own forum here. These efforts are greatly appreciated by the community at large, but that has left those who use it without a way to open the application drawer or launch Google Assistant.

This is where the Wearbttn Android Wear application comes into play. Once installed, this adds two complications to your device that act as virtual buttons for these two actions. So you can setup a complication on your watch face that will open the application drawer, and then you can set a different complication to launch Google Assistant. This will even work on Android Wear devices that actually have a physical button, but for those who just want a complication to launch Google Assistant.

Wearbttn is even an ideal solution for those who have a broken physical button on their Android Wear smartwatch. The complication to launch the application drawer does require that your Android Wear device have root access. So be aware of that ahead of time, but the Google Assistant complication does not require root access at all.

Via: /r/AndroidWear Source: Google Play