Webpage reading feature now rolling out in Google Go

Webpage reading feature now rolling out in Google Go

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As Google has evolved over the years, their goal has been to give people all the information they can offer through their services. Naturally, this is due to Google being the best online search engine around. Some reports have said that Google has captured over 90% of the online search engine market. So, of course, they can give the broad example of saying they want everyone to have access to information. However, they aren’t resting on their laurels as the company continues to innovate and add new features. Back in July, the company teased a feature for the Google Go app that would let the app read the web page for you. Now, we’re seeing reports that it’s starting to roll out to the public.

The feature in question was first announced just last month as Google was showing their progress of making the online experience better for those who live in Nigeria. Their announcement covered the progress the company has made including adding Google Stations which will offer Wi-Fi networks to 200 cities in Nigeria by 2019. The company recently launched their new job search feature that they have worked on in Nigeria. So citizens here have been able to use this feature, but Google says they are expanding it to 32 more countries in Africa. Google Maps Go is getting navigation features so that it will even work on low memory devices.

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The company actually launched Google Go back in April of this year and it’s very clear they are adding some exciting features to the application. We all know how slow Google can be when it comes to their phased rollouts of new applications, but we are now starting to see reports that the update is rolling out. If you do a search in the Google Go app on an Android Go edition device and then tap on an article, you’ll see a play button surrounded by Google’s theme colors. Tap on that and the Google Go application will begin to read the article for you. If you think the reading is taking too long, you can change the speed just as the image above indicates.

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