Use WeeNet as your Network Utility Suite on Android

Use WeeNet as your Network Utility Suite on Android

If you’re looking for a powerful and comprehensive network utility suite that runs on Android, WeeNet could be your best option. WeeNet hosts a good number of network tools and network security checkers. Whether you’re troubleshooting network speed issues or looking for security holes, WeeNet offers solutions as a complete network utility.

This app is developed with a very simple-to-use interface. Even people with very basic networking skills will be able to easily use this app. The UI looks very good and offers a dark mode in the settings menu. The app comes with 15 different network-related tools. The features includes are:

  1. Scan Wireless Networks nearby with the possibility to apply several filters
  2. Graphically Identify all occupied channels from Wireless Networks nearby
  3. Scan all the devices connected to your local networks
  4. Obtain devices connected parameters in details (Hostname, MAC, and IP), thru NetBIOS, UPnP & Bonjour
  5. Network Speedtest, to reveal your download and upload speeds
  6. Wake On Lan
  7. Ping
  8. TraceRoute
  9. Ports Scan
  10. WHOIS
  11. DNS Lookup
  12. Custom Subnet Scan
  13. VPN hosts scan
  14. Know more about your device in your LAN
  15. Diagnosis of your wireless Access Point identifying security flaws and interference

WeeNet is a great app for troubleshooting network issues. If you’re worried about intruders on your WiFi, you can scan all of the devices on your network. Intruders will be shown along with their IP and MAC address. This information will allow you to know if your network needs better security.

Wondering why your network is running slow? Start with a speed test. The app’s built-in speed test will give you a report of your download and upload speed. This can help you determine if your network is truly slow, or if you have another issue affecting your device. You can also test network strength in different parts of your house. Check your basement, bedrooms, or outside areas to see where you have weak spots. After collecting this data, you can find out where your wireless signal needs to be improved.

Another issue that can arise living close to neighbors, is network interference. WeeNet will allow you to scan nearby networks and discover occupied channels. By changing your wireless setup, you can avoid these interferences and improve your network performance.

While WeeNet is free to download on the Google Play store, you can unlock premium features in the settings menu. To enable these features, go to Settings > check Device Auto Scan , where you’ll be able to purchase the premium feature for $2.99. Once this is enabled, you’ll unlock an ad-free experience and the LAN background scanning service. This service will let your phone scan for connected or disconnected devices at a specified interval. A notification will be delivered to your device showing any activity.

These are just some of the powerful tools that you can start using right away. Download WeeNet on the Google Play store for free.

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