Welcome to the New XDA Homepage

Welcome to the New XDA Homepage

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About a week ago we made some major changes to the XDA homepage, which we’ve always called the “Portal.” A corner of the site that historically has been reserved to bring you the latest happening from the XDA forums, the new XDA Home goes a step beyond that by bringing a variety of new content types and higher quality features. We want this to be more than just a portal to the forums, but also a destination for all who, like us, revel in the everyday minutiae of mobile and mobile development.

Here’s how it works: “Get it Now” content types (coded in blue) are for APKs, wallpapers, themes, apps, and other Android assets to which we can directly link you. Then, in green, you’ll find a bevy of external links to weird, wacky, and interesting articles from the world of Android. In orange we have compelling forum threads. Yellow indicates an XDA original article, with topics ranging from the security of fingerprint authentication to a technical deep-dive or a developer interview. With new content, we also bring a refreshed team of writers, new oversight, and a new look with reduced clutter and a unique “geometric” design.

All of this will evolve over time as we learn what you like and grow the staff. If you have any early feedback, just comment below. If you want to be part of the new XDA Home, we’re looking for writers (you can fill out this form to apply) as well as “scouts” to send us interesting discussions, hot software releases, and more. You don’t need special permission to be a scout, just use the Scout form, which beams links directly to our Portal team.

We still have several known kinks and bugs, which will be worked out over the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience as we work to deliver to you an XDA Home worth reading every day!