What Could Make Android Tablets Relevant/Interesting Again?

What Could Make Android Tablets Relevant/Interesting Again?

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Just a few years ago, Android tablets were being churned out at ludicrous rates, with their year-on-year advancements almost matching those we found on smartphones.

The growth of the tablet market has been stifling for the last couple of years, though, with seemingly nothing being able to jolt them back in motion. Other than Samsung, OEMs are increasingly giving up on tablets, and even Google itself wasn’t able to spark that enthusiasm back with the Nexus 9 and Pixel C. We want to know whether you think this is the market’s natural course, or if OEMs are simply not offering compelling alternatives. So we ask you:

Why are Android tablets losing ground? Is it just hardware saturation, or a matter of competition? Has the convertible tablet class taken over? How could Google adapt Android to better compete in today’s tablet market?

Do you personally own a tablet? If so, what would make you upgrade it?

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