What Do You Look For in a Hardware Upgrade?

What Do You Look For in a Hardware Upgrade?

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Early on in the days of Android, an upgrade mostly meant going from a lower specced device to a higher specced device, and by extension, moving on to a better Android experience with more power and features.

With the recent trend of affordable flagships bringing the better Android experience down into budget price ranges, an upgrade no longer is restricted to just better specs. New purchases don’t necessarily move forwards towards higher specs on paper, and several people find that mid-rangers these days are as good of an upgrade as a flagship. So we ask you,

What do you look for an upgrade? Do you move onto your next device based on how it ranks up on specs? Or do you make your decision on the pricing of the device? Do you have a certain brand loyalty, or even a bad experience, that skews your decision in either direction?

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