What Do You Think About Smart Homes / Smart Assistants?

What Do You Think About Smart Homes / Smart Assistants?

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Google Home and Amazon Echo have been battling it out for that coveted spot in your house, to become the central hub for operations of other connected smart products. IoT as a new technology is gradually taking off, so we see both companies adding value with services like improved Voice Search on Google Home and Alexa Skills on Amazon Echo.

Both the devices give us a taste of the future, where we can control every aspect of our lives by just talking into thin air. However, not everyone has able to adopt this new technology and many see no reason to embrace either standard. We ask you,

What do you think about Smart Home Assistants as a concept? Are the current implementations of home assistants in line with your vision of what a home assistant should be? Do you think there are flaws or limitations in the home assistant concept? Do you own either Google Home or Amazon Echo? Why/why not?

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