What Features Do You Want on Google Apps on Android?

What Features Do You Want on Google Apps on Android?

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Google Apps on Android are a love-hate affair. Average consumers find the pre-loaded set of Google Apps to fit within their requirements enough to not worry about alternatives. But on the other hand, the apps themselves are not the best examples of how to create guidelines, or how to make apps either.

The previous statement becomes clearer when you expand your scope to look at Google Apps on other ecosystems, like iOS or on desktop platforms like Chrome OS. Apps made by Google themselves on these platforms feature a different design, and often offer functionality that the Android app gets days, weeks and months later (looking at you, Hangouts). Some Android apps, like Youtube, are missing useful features present on desktop. So we ask you,

What Features do Google Apps on Android sorely lack, when compared to the same set of Google Apps on other platforms? Which was the most frustrating discrepancy you noticed when you switched from using Google Apps on Android to other platforms?

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