What is Android 4.1?

What is Android 4.1?

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Rumblings of the next version of Android are upon us, just weeks after Android 4.0.1 began shipping on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Apparently the 4.1 version of Android is for the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus slated for Verizon wireless, though it’s very possible that this version will eventually be pushed to the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus (and thusly be available in the dozens of ICS ports that are happening for current and older devices). XDA user cellzealot claims to have possession of the 4.1 build of Android, and reports that with it there are some UI changes. According to him:

There is a new clockscreen screensaver mode when charging that shows the time and opens the screen if you touch the time display. Also many internal framework changes as well; subtle but nonetheless noticeable changes in the UI.

Nevertheless, when the 4.1 build is ready for distribution, you’ll be able to find it code.google.com. Until then, join the discussion about Android 4.1.

Image source: MyDroidWorld