What is Chrome Web Store

What is Chrome Web Store

The Google chrome web store is a marketplace much like the Play store on Android. It features apps, themes, and extensions that run within the chrome browser. Developers can list apps that are paid for, but many of the apps are free of charge.

Chrome Web Store Themes

The chrome web store is particularly useful to people that own Chromebooks, as their options for third-party apps are limited. Chrome can run these apps without the need of the Windows OS.

How to Find the Chrome Web Store

To quickly get to the chrome web store, click on the Apps shortcut in your bookmarks bar. It will be the icon on the far left side. This will bring you to your apps page. Here you will find a shortcut to the chrome web store.

Chrome Web Store Shortcut

You can also go directly to the chrome web store by entering the URL into your chrome browser.


If you forget the exact URL, just search “webstore” in Google. The first result will bring you to the web store.