What is Your Preferred Keyboard/Input Method? Why?

What is Your Preferred Keyboard/Input Method? Why?

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Back in the day when smartphones weren’t a thing, the humble keypad and its T9 prediction used to be the bomb — you could press once on the key and have the phone predict your word! How cool was that?!

And now, when smartphones are a thing, keyboards, and even Input Methods in general, have grown and evolved by leaps and bounds. Modern keyboards not only try and predict what you want to type, they also tailor results based on what you have typed in the past, your social media typing patterns and even your frequent error hotspots. Input methods are not restricted to typing: you can even choose to go completely touch-less by using voice dictation! So we ask you,

What is your currently preferred keyboard or input method? Why do you prefer what you do prefer? Do you have other favorites that you occasionally or situationally switch between? Do you have a keyboard or input method that you detest as well?

Let us know in the comments below!