What is Your Prime Reason for Updating Your Phone?

What is Your Prime Reason for Updating Your Phone?

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Earlier this week, we brought to you news of an Indian startup promising monthly updates, with a “new feature” every month. All of this would be backported onto Android 5.1 to match the new features of the latest Android. Xiaomi also follows a similar update model wherein they backport and build new features on top of an older Android base. While their ROM is updated regularly with some of Android’s newest features, it does not corroborate with Android versions.

This got us thinking, what do users actually update their devices for? Do you update your phone for new features and a new aesthetic look, or do you update for the thrill of staying on the bleeding edge? If your current ROM has all the features that a newer Android version has, would you still update?

Why do you really want to be on the latest version of Android?

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