What Was The Reason Behind Your First Root?

What Was The Reason Behind Your First Root?

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We’ve all been there. You pick up your wonderful purchase in your hand and just about love it wholeheartedly, if it was not for that one flaw — that one reason which destroys your user experience, and stops you from taking full advantage of your hardware to your liking.

Things would have otherwise been perfect, but they aren’t, and you finally roll up your sleeves and decide to get things done the XDA way. We ask you,

What was the reason behind your first root? Which aspect of your device frustrated you enough to kick your warranty aside and dive in in the perilous world of superuser privileges? Was it to fix a glaring oversight from your manufacturer, or was it for an aesthetic improvement to the UI? Were you simply curious to see the other side?

Let us know the reason behind your first rooting attempt in the comments below!