What Will We See at the OnePlus Launch Event?

What Will We See at the OnePlus Launch Event?

We are rapidly approaching the OnePlus launch event that is scheduled to take place on Nov 16 in Brooklyn, NY, at 11am local time. We know that they are going to be showing us the OnePlus 5T, but nobody knows exactly what to expect at this launch, however we can speculate based on rumors and previous OnePlus device release patterns.

Leaked image of the OnePlus 5T

The tag line for this event is “A New View” most likely referring to the new 18:9 display. It is rumored to have a near-6.0″ 1080 x 2160p screen and a Snapdragon 835 chipset. There will be at least 6GB of RAM and probably an option for an 8GB model as well. After the disappointing camera experience on the OnePlus 5, we expect the OnePlus 5T will make a strong comeback with a dual 20MP camera.

When the OnePlus 3T was launched, is came with Android Marshmallow and was quickly updated to Nougat. If the 5T follows in these footsteps, it will be launched running Nougat out of the box and we would see an Oreo update later, probably in the near future.

To guess the pricing of the OnePlus 5T, we can look at the pricing of the OnePlus 3T in relation to the OnePlus3. The 3T had a price that was $40 more expensive that that 3. So since the OnePlus 5 starts at $479, we can expect the 5T to start at around $520, but of course we’ll have to wait until launch day to find out for sure.

OnePlus 3 OnePlus 3T OnePlus 5 OnePlus 5T
$399 $439 $479 $519?

OnePlus dropped a teaser video on us ahead of the launch event. You can see a OnePlus logo flash on the screen, some lights in the shape of a “T”, and a robot jumping out of a building. What does this all mean?

It has also been said that attendees are in for a treat when it comes to swag. So if you’re seeing the event in person, lucky you!

This event is going to be much bigger than previous OnePlus launches. In the past their launches have been fairly small but there’s tons of hype around this particular event.  We expect they will be talking about the progress of their company, the new OnePlus 5T phone, and possibly some new accessories or software. What do you think we’ll see? Let us know in the comments.

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