What’s a Feature From Your Device That You Wish Every Phone Had?

What’s a Feature From Your Device That You Wish Every Phone Had?

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A big advantage Android has for enthusiasts is that we get to try out different flavors of Android. If you are savvy enough, you can even build and add in the features that you want to see in a custom ROM for your own smartphone or tablet. Most people on XDA will try out a number of ROMs that are available for their particular device instead, getting to experience tons of extra functionality in addition to (or instead of) what their device’s manufacturer offers out of the box.

A lot of great features are also largely implemented through applications, as Android provides many options for developers that allow them to set up new ways to navigate the user interface, automate actions or programmatically change device settings, and even build overlays to enable new interfaces and shortcuts. Android offers a lot of freedom to application and ROM developers, and to OEMs as well given they are even able to implement new hardware features for their releases. So with all of this in mind, we ask you:

What features do you love on your smartphone that you wish every ROM had? Why is the feature useful to you, and why should it be included in other ROMs? What kinds of UX improvements does your device or ROM of choice provide that are invaluable to you?

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