What’s Inside? Galaxy S7 vs Clone

What’s Inside? Galaxy S7 vs Clone

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We recently featured a video on XDA TV comparing a Samsung Galaxy S7 to one of its off-brand clones. While we already took a look at the software and build quality, this time we are back to go through the internals. We took both devices apart to see what’s inside. Let’s get into this teardown.


Many of you may be familiar with the tedious process of tearing down a high-end phone like the S7. There’s lots of heating, prying, twisting and precision work. The clone, on the other hand, has a back plate that just pops right off. After another layer of plastic is removed, the motherboard is exposed and you have completed the teardown. That’s about as simple as it gets.


There is a big difference in the materials that are used to make up the guts of these phones. The Galaxy S7 uses high quality metals, glass and aluminum, while the clone has mostly cheap plastics. The clone has a much cheaper battery, no water proofing, and also lacks the wireless charging plate.

On the outside these devices may appear to be similar, but clearly there is a world of difference under their casing. Check out the video to see the full teardown.