What’s New in Google Camera 4.1?

What’s New in Google Camera 4.1?

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With Android developer preview 5, Google pushed the Camera 4.1 update. There are a few new things in this version but one important feature has been removed!

New Settings Menu

Google Camera 4.1

The new settings menu in 4.1 is a big improvement. All of your settings can now be found on one page.

Screenshot_20160725-005844 Screenshot_20160725-005848

Google Camera 3.2

Previously, the settings menu was separated into different directories. Since the amount of configurable settings is pretty limited, it makes more sense to just put everything on one screen.

Screenshot_20160725-010252 Screenshot_20160725-010243

Manual Exposure Removed

Manual exposure was a feature added to the 3.2 version of the camera app. For one reason or another Google has decided that they will no longer include this feature is 4.1. R.I.P.

Google Camera 3.2


Assign Action to Volume Keys

This new feature will enable an option that lets you customize the behavior of the volume button when the camera app is running.

Google Camera 4.1


Along with these changes you’ll find some minor differences like the animations between screens. That’s about it for the new camera update. Will you be able to do without manual exposure? Let us know in the comments.