What’s New in Huawei Video App

What’s New in Huawei Video App

HUAWEI has recently been pushing some big updates to some of their most essential apps. The HUAWEI Video app has been updated to version on their public beta. This brings a few notable changes that we are going to look at in this brief overview.

HUAWEI Video is an app that is designed to handle all of the video content on your phone. Local storage playback, streaming movies, managing subscriptions, and watching your favorite shows are all part of this powerful video app. You can enjoy high-quality video playback, with minimum battery consumption. The app comes preinstalled on HUAWEI devices and can be updated through the AppGallery.


What’s new in

When updating to the latest beta version of this app, you can expect to find the following new features:

  • Support for side-by-side playback of videos
  • Added HarmonyOS widgets that can be viewed in the menu that pops up by long-pressing the app icon.
  • Multi-device multi-screen playback capability added.
  • After selecting a video description collection, clip and tidbit, the selection will scroll to the middle position, and the selection effect will be more obvious.
  • For movies that require a single purchase, you will be able to download the app on the details page to get free tickets to watch movies like “The Grandmaster” and “Space Traveler”.
  • New option in settings will allow you to switch to background automatic small window playback, which can be set in the My- “Settings-” playback settings area.
  • When recording a local video in the Huawei Video Portal, you can set whether to scan and display the content in a .nomedia folder.
  • When the local video file name of the Huawei video portal is too long, the full name may be displayed in a super long floating frame.
  • You can earn V Beans by downloading apps in V Bean Center.
  • Live broadcast barrage supports anonymous sending, test live broadcast: Homepage – Live Test Channel 1 under “Long-Term Live Test 2021”
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