What’s New in Today Weather

What’s New in Today Weather

Today Weather continues to impress us with constantly updating their features. This app is our favorite weather app and was even listed as one of the the best apps of 2017, by Google. A clean user interface delivers a ton of customizable data that can all be accessed from one easy-to-read page.

Get all the information your need in one panel.

New features let you set audio alerts for incoming rain storms. You can even choose what chance of precipitation chance will set off your alert. This is essential to staying informed as many places are currently experiencing their big storm seasons. Other features can be toggled on and off, so you only get the information that you need.

Customize your weather forecast with different icon sets.

The data-rich UI for Today Weather succeeds where other weather apps fail. It’s the design of the illustrations that make all the difference when delivering lots of data. In only a few seconds you’ll be able to get all the information that you’ll need about your weather and forecast.

Easily switch between multiple different cities

There are tons of different widgets to choose from, to put on your homesceen

See a detailed heat map of the world

The simple design of this weather app also packs a huge amount of data in a small space. Using awesome little icon animations and graphs, the app will show you temperature, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure.

A beautiful UI makes your weather data easier to read at a glance

Use live radar to track developing storms

Get all of the important information you need, on one simple page

Today Weather comes from  XDA Senior Member thotran7989. We love to support apps coming from within our community, and you’ll love the experience you have when you use Today Weather for staying up-to-date with your local weather status.

Forecast and temperature widgets are well designed

Pull weather data from multiple different sources

Get important weather alerts with more detail

Today Weather is always being updated with new exciting features. Download the latest version of Today Weather for iPhone or Android.

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