What’s on Miles’ Nexus 6P?

What’s on Miles’ Nexus 6P?

Miles has been active on the XDA YouTube channel posting lots of really great ROM reviews on his Nexus 6P. His newest video highlights what ROM and apps he uses on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at what’s on Miles’ Nexus 6P.

Case and Skin


Miles uses a concrete skin and a Rhino Shield bumper case to keep his phone protected.

ROM and Theme


The current ROM powering this Nexus phone is Paranoid Android 6.0 with the Flux CM13 theme. The Google Now launcher manages the home screen and the DashClock widget is used to display the time and battery status.



These are the ten most used apps that occupy his home screen. Check out the full video to see an tour of what apps he uses for different tasks.

Grab the Paranoid Android ROM for your device here:
Get Paranoid Android

Get the flux theme from the Play store:
Download Flux Theme

Get the RhinoShield bumper from Amazon:
Nexus 6p Case, RhinoShield

Do you have a Nexus 6P? Let us know what ROM, Theme and apps are loaded on your device.

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