What’s Your Favorite Trend or Feature from 2017 Smartphones?

What’s Your Favorite Trend or Feature from 2017 Smartphones?

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We’ve already seen a substantial chunk of what 2017 has to offer, and with a new year and new smartphone generations came a bunch of new trends, features, design elements and general advancements. While the core Android experience remains as strong as it was in 2016, manufacturers and Google are toying with some interesting ideas.

Bezel-less displays, squeezing features, additional screens, more dual camera setups, an emphasis on voice assistants, yet more modularity though more Moto releases and Essential, under-display fingerprint scanners (coming soon!), new screen aspect ratios — there are tons of new trends and older but recent features are also being revitalized. So we ask you,

What is your favorite trend or feature that you’ve seen in 2017 smartphones? How has this year been so far in terms of innovation and new, useful functionality? What features or trends make you consider upgrading from an older device?

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