WhatsApp will now give users a little over two days to delete a message

WhatsApp will now give users a little over two days to delete a message

Sometimes the best part about using a third-party chat app like Line, WhatsApp, or even Signal, is the ability to delete messages after you have sent them. WhatsApp previously limited the time to delete a chat message to around one hour. Now, it will extend that time generously, giving users a little over two days.

WhatsApp has brought its new time limit out of beta and finally delivered it to the public. The new updated rule for deleting a message will extend to 60 hours or two days and 12 hours. While this change seemed good, many on Twitter seemed disgruntled. Instead of focusing on extending the time, many expressed interest in an edit button. In addition, others chimed in and requested the removal of the deleted message notification. Regardless, the new update should give users plenty of time to mull over sent messages.


If unfamiliar with WhatsApp or the feature mentioned above, users can send messages and choose to delete them if they’d like. The message can be deleted for yourself, or you can choose to delete the message for everyone in the chat. Mainly, it can be used to correct a message with misspellings or even reword something. You can also delete images and movies as well. If you are going to use this feature and have it be effective, all parties in the message must be running the latest version of WhatsApp. Furthermore, WhatsApp will not inform you if a message is not deleted from the other party’s chat window. So please be cautious when sending messages.

WhatsApp recently fulfilled one of its most requested features, bringing the ability to transfer the app’s entire chat history from Android to iPhone. While it was previously only available in beta, the company rolled out the ability to all users just last month. The transfer process will allow users to migrate account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media, and settings. If you want to try a new chat platform, download at the link below.

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