Get Dark Mode on WhatsApp for Desktop with this theme

Get Dark Mode on WhatsApp for Desktop with this theme

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Instant Messaging services out there, with clients available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC and Mac OS. The desktop versions of WhatsApp do need an active synced connection with a WhatsApp client on either Android or iOS, so users are limited with what they can do. Still, having the ability to send WhatsApp messages through a desktop really helps out if you spend a lot of time on your computer and do not want to pick up your phone for every message. WhatsApp hasn’t really embraced dark mode with its apps — the Android app was last spotted testing dark mode back in March 2019. We haven’t heard anything about dark mode for the desktop clients yet, but with this theme, you can effectively bring over dark mode to WhatsApp for Windows or WhatsApp for Mac.


XDA Member m4heshd has created a styling mod for WhatsApp for Desktop that themes the desktop client with a dark theme to make it easier on your eyes. This mod with its NodeJS installation script targets elements responsible for the UI and does not touch any of the underlying code responsible for the working of the client. This mod is not a third-party client by itself (so your messages or any other data are not shared with the developer), because of which you do need to have the desktop client installed. This mod is also open-source, so you can check out the code underneath the mod/theme and even build it yourself.

WhatsApp for Windows and macOS Dark Mode

To install this mod, simply download the files relevant to your system: Windows x86, Windows x64, or macOS; and run the WADark file within while WhatsApp for Desktop’s official client is running. The developer recommends not to delete the script folder after the installation as the script automatically creates a backup of the original WhatsApp source in case you wish to remove the mod and revert back to your original client theme.

Dark Theme for WhatsApp for Desktop (Windows/macOS) – XDA Thread

We hope WhatsApp brings over a dark theme to its Android app as well as desktop clients for Windows and macOS. Until then, this should serve some of your needs.

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