WhatsApp may finally let you choose the video quality that you upload

WhatsApp may finally let you choose the video quality that you upload

WhatsApp is always changing and improving, and only recently did we learn thanks to WABetaInfo that an “expiring media” feature is currently rolling out on the beta channel. Now there’s an even more useful feature in the pipeline — WhatsApp may finally allow you to choose what video quality will be uploaded when you send someone a video.

The new video upload quality feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo, and while it’s not active yet, their report confirms that it’s in the works. Choosing the video quality before sending is useful as it means that you can pick the right option to either save bandwidth or share the video without heavy compression. You can choose the “data saver” mode to send videos so that they’re compressed and don’t use too much data. WhatsApp has already had a data saver option for calls for years, so it’s a bit weird it has taken this long to get an actual option that the user can choose just for videos.


WhatsApp video quality control options for when sending a videoAn explanation of each of these three options was also given by WABetaInfo.

  • Auto (recommended): WhatsApp will detect what is the best compression algorithm for specific videos.
  • Best quality: WhatsApp will always send the video using the best quality available!
  • Data saver: when Data saver is enabled in your Android settings, WhatsApp will compress videos before sending them.

This is currently not an active feature and thus can’t be used even in the beta channel at this point in time. It’s a feature that should arrive in the future though, particularly as it’s a much sought-after feature. Some people don’t even have data caps, they just have slow internet, and automatic compression of videos means that both the sender can send it quicker, and the receiver can receive it quicker. The files will also take up less space when backed up to Google Drive, saving you storage space in your Google account. On the other hand, for those with speedy connections, being able to send higher quality videos will ensure that what you see is what your recipient sees.

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