When and For What Reasons do You Upgrade Smartphones?

When and For What Reasons do You Upgrade Smartphones?

With new devices in the horizon, including the buzz-generating Essential Phone and much-hyped OnePlus 5, there’s many of us looking to buy a new device in 2017 to take advantage of faster processors, richer screens, and minimal bezels in newer designs.

However, we often don’t have a reason to upgrade, and it seems people usually fall in a one or two-year upgrade cycle, often alternating depending on the offers available on the market. In essence, at this time of the year it’s likely that we are either perfectly content with out last choice, or on the lookout for the newer, shinier models. So we ask you,

For what reasons do you upgrade your smartphone? When do you usually upgrade? (1 year? two years?) Which phones in 2017 are making you want to upgrade, and which devices couldn’t you care less about?

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