What are the best places to buy mechanical keyboards: Amazon, Microcenter, and more

What are the best places to buy mechanical keyboards: Amazon, Microcenter, and more

With the chipset crisis still looming around, PC gamers continue to hunt left, right, and center for PC parts at reasonable prices. The good news is, unlike core hardware like CPU and GPU, PC peripherals have not been affected and are available rather easily at the right price. You can buy mechanical keyboards at various places but before you do that, some thorough research needs to be in place. First of all, decide whether you want a wired or wireless keyboard. Next, make sure you choose the right size depending on the space on your desk or wherever you are planning to use the keyboard. Next, the utmost important question is which type of switch do you need?

If you don’t have any knowledge about mechanical keyboards, we have an extensive beginners guide that should definitely help you with any questions or doubts you may have. Let’s now move on to some of the best places to buy mechanical keyboards.

Amazon, Best Buy, and others

The most obvious places to check for mechanical keyboards are the popular online shopping portals. Amazon and Best Buy have a solid range of mechanical keyboards ranging from different brands at different price points. You can also have a look at B&H Photo, Walmart, Staples, and Target. It goes without saying, but it’s best to double-check the features and the model number before you hit that purchase button.

Then there are dedicated online portals that specialize in PC parts, including hardware and peripherals. Microcenter and Newegg are the best and most reliable places to get PC components. Microcenter also has physical stores in the US you can visit after verifying the keyboard you’re looking for on their website.

Mechanical keybaords at Microcenter

Mechanical keyboards at Microcenter. Image: GeekHack

Keyboard manufacturers

Probably the most reliable way to get hold of a mechanical keyboard is to head over to the manufacturer’s website. Most of them have their own stores on their official website where you can directly buy the particular model you’re looking for. Here’s an extensive list of all the popular keyboard manufacturers that we managed to get from Reddit:

Independent keyboard vendors and artists

Additionally, we stumbled upon a list of independent vendors and resellers that sell keyboards and keyboard-related accessories. Some of these vendors offer custom keyboard accessories and parts that can definitely breathe new life into your existing mechanical keyboard.

If you haven’t decided on which one to get, make sure to check out our list of the best mechanical keyboards to buy in 2021. We also have a quick guide on how to clean and maintain your mechanical keyboard.

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