Which Apps Are Your Top Battery Drainers?

Which Apps Are Your Top Battery Drainers?

We recently published an article on the battery life and experience of living without Google Apps. The results did not come out entirely unexpected, but we were surprised by the minimal nature of the gains. Which points us to the next obvious battery hogs: our other most frequently apps! Whether it be the constant syncing of the Facebook app, or Snapchat’s need for location permissions. Or even our own compulsive desire to open up Instagram every few minutes just to have something to do — there are certainly other offenders that are not good for your battery life.

So we ask you,

Which apps are your top battery offenders? Which of your apps occupies the top spot for battery consumption? Is the drain on battery justified keeping in mind your frequency of usage? Or is the app, its code or its functionality responsible for that cliff-like drops in battery levels? Have you found any remedy for your battery woes?

Let us know in the comments below!

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