Which Durability Qualities do You Look for in a Phone?

Which Durability Qualities do You Look for in a Phone?

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Back in the early days, plastic used to be the standard manufacturing material used for smartphones. And that was for good reason, too. Plastic was cheap and easy to work with, and more importantly, it was durable as well.

Since then, Android smartphones have experimented with a myriad variety of materials and combinations to find which works the best, and which the consumers like the most (often not intersecting). We have seen shatterproof displays and water and dust resistance become more common than they once were, but they have yet to see wide scale adoption as primary standards for a modern smartphone. With this is mind, we ask you:

What durable qualities do you look for in a phone? Would you prefer an all-metal build or an all-plastic build from a durability point of view? Or do you like a glass phone with a durability focused third party case? What are your thoughts on additional durability in the form of water resistance and shatterproof displays? Should more phones be made on the “Active” design philosophy?

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