Which OEM Lost Your Business and Why?

Which OEM Lost Your Business and Why?

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When it comes to OEMs that we would like to support, we all have favorites. And we all also have OEMs that we wouldn’t even come near. There could be a lot of reasons to this: perhaps an unpleasant experience, or a horror story with someone you know. Or may be you just don’t find yourself aligning with their policies.

Or simply because their products are not good enough. There is someone we’d love to throw into the pit and see them go out of business, or if you’re an optimist, see them improve on their faults. So,

Which OEM has lost your business? Which phone manufacturer does not count you amongst its customers? Why? Was it because of a personal experience, or was it because of word of mouth? Or does it have something to do with its policies, products or even pricing? Would you give them another chance if they fixed their act?

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