Pay What You Want for this White Hat Hacker Bundle

Pay What You Want for this White Hat Hacker Bundle

The XDA Depot is the best place to buy all sorts of online goods. With a massive catalog of online courses there’s something for just about everyone here. Courses have a large range in price depending on what you want to get. This course lets you pay what you want for a White Hat Hacker Bundle that’s worth $1,271.

Explore eight different courses focusing on vulnerabilities, exploits, and security as you follow your instructors through the process of becoming a white hat hacker. Learn about TOR, WiFi hacking, building servers, and how to implement secure coding practices to reduce vulnerabilities.

The developers at XDA might be most interested in the Python For Android Hacking Crash Course: Trojan Perspective with 26 lessons and 3.5 hours of content. This teaches you how to use Python to build a Trojan virus for ethical hacking purposes. This is a great course to get started in mobile security.

This “Pay what you want” system lets you choose individual courses, or if you want the entire bundle you only need to pay the average price.

Developers that buy digital goods through the XDA Depot are helping support the XDA-developers website and keep the community alive.

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